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Cornish D-Day Veteran Harry Billinge (94) gets his MBE & meets the Queen.

Last year I made a memorable on  The Endcliffe Park Memorial in Sheffield & the incredible devotion of Tony Foulds. Recently a D-Day veteran who raised more than £25,000 towards the cost of building a national memorial honouring his fallen … Continue reading

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Animation of Allied bombing raids on Nazi occupied Europe

I was going to write something entirely different today and indeed had even started writing it when I happened across a segment of this newly released animated video by the Imperial War Museum in London which I thought many others … Continue reading

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My tour around the D-Day beaches

I was lucky enough to visit Normandy a little over 2 years ago and spent a great deal of the time visiting the WW2 related areas.  I thought people might be a little interested in some of the photos which … Continue reading

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D-Day Commemorations in Pictures

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Most of the D-Day veterans are sadly no longer with us but this past weekend has seen commemorations with some of the few more survivors.  All photos from BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Getty Images, AP. A number of events … Continue reading

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The Spirit of D-Day Lives On!

A small story which I thought some people like to read involves D-Day veteran Bernard Jordan aged 89.  He was reported missing from his Pines Care home in Hove. Bernard apparently was told by his care home that he wasn’t … Continue reading

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70th Anniversary of D-Day

This time 70 years ago on 6th June 1944, the world held its breath as the largest amphibious military operation even seen was under way.  Operation Overlord was the long-awaited Allied invasion of Nazi held Europe that would lead to … Continue reading

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Operation Mincemeat: One of the biggest hoaxes in history

With the 70th Anniversary of D-Day around the corner I thought that I might write a short series of posts about this historic event.  The first of which might be one which you’re unfamiliar with but in its own way … Continue reading

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