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Stalin Vs Hitler: A comparison – who was worst?

It’s a bit of a fools errand trying to compare disasters, discoveries and empires from different time-periods.  How can one properly make comparisons between the Roman Empire and the British Empire for example?  The Mongol Empire and the French Empire? … Continue reading

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The tragic story of Sidney Ashcroft & the Guernsey Eight

As we approach Armistice Day, I thought I would write on another history related item, this time from WW2. Not many people know that part of the British Isles was conquered and occupied by Nazi Germany.  The Channel Islands, in … Continue reading

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The Lost Treasures of Bad King John (plus other treasures both found and missing).

Have you ever wanted to get rich quick?  Long before Nigerian spammers were in on the act there was the art of metal-detecting.  Often metal-detecting enthusiasts are derided as being a little bit odd and depicted as spending their lives wondering … Continue reading

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The Book Thief

Yesterday I went to the cinema as I often do on a Tuesday morning, one of the benefits of working from home.  Usually the cinema is empty with the staff outnumbering the movie-goers but not yesterday. The cinema is exactly … Continue reading

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