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Ernest Shackleton and the Third Man (an Angel)

Not long after after starting my blog, I once wrote on The Angel of Mons an event dating back to WW1 which often captures the imagination of those who know if it. A very contemporary event to this happened to Ernest … Continue reading

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The Quest for a relic from a journey of Discovery by Ernest Shackleton.

A few days ago I posted on the discovery of Endurance, a ship used by the legendary Ernest Shackleton during the last great Age of Discovery. Whilst it may be forever difficult to visit that vessel, there is a small … Continue reading

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Finding the shipwreck of Endurance

One of the most interesting stories to catch my eye in the last week or two whilst war has been raging in Ukraine is that of the discovery of the lost ship of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton down in the … Continue reading

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Visiting the home of Edward Adrian Wilson – a forgotten hero who died with Captain Scott of the Antarctic.

Every now and then I write a post not quite realising the scope it will take on, perhaps once or twice a year I investigate something and it gives me something to reflect on all year and this is what … Continue reading

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