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Coronavirus Diary 34 -Social Distancing in a WW2 Pillbox

I was going to post this in a week or two but with it being VE weekend I thought I’d bring it forward a little.  I took these photos on one of my once in a  blue moon walks, I … Continue reading

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WW2 icons of the RAF

Following on from my RAF100 post the Sopwih Camel and WW1… By 1940 the awesome might of Hitler’s Luftwaffe had been displayed in the lightning blitzkrieg offensive that annexed France in six weeks. In the aftermath the British had managed … Continue reading

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The Battle of Graveney Marsh – The last battle on British soil.

Most history books have Bonny Prince Charlie’s 1746 defeat at Culloden as the final battle to occur in this country.   Of course that is just the stock answer, the actual final combat on British soil is the the virtually … Continue reading

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20 of the greatest speeches of all time

I’ve always been interested in speeches and it always seems interesting how easy it is to pick out those that are naturally gifted orators with those who merely give it their best shot. Last night much if the U.K wS … Continue reading

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75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain – This was our finest hour

Today marks the start of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the skies of London will be treated once again to the familiar sights and sounds of Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancaster bombers.  As strange as it sounds, … Continue reading

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