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Going in search of Daleks in the backstreets of London

I noticed a few weeks ago the the old 1960’s Doctor Who films with Peter Cushing as the Doctor have been re-mastered in 4k for a re-release. I only mention it as one of the things that I always thought … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the missing dead from Waterloo?

One of the big mysteries about the epic Battle of Waterloo may have been solved. There are several big battles in British history where despite large numbers of recorded casualties, few oil any human remains or skeletons have been found. … Continue reading

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200 years after Waterloo… the Napoleon small man syndrome!

Two hundred years today the Battle of Waterloo was fought in Belgium which saw Napoleon defeated in battle by the Duke of Wellington and other allies from across Europe.  It gave Europe almost a century of peace, incidentally 99 years … Continue reading

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