Behind the scenes with No Time To Die – James Bond

As I mentioned in my No Time To Die film review post, I do a James Bond Tour in London and whilst I was meeting tourists for a Winston Churchill and War Rooms Walking Tour, I noticed that the street their hotel was in was closed off on Google Maps.

It’s a street I know very well and its in the very heart of Whitehall, Westminster and incidentally only about 20 feet from my existing James Bond Walk.

I was both very surprised and not at all surprised that when I arrived there, they were filming the new James Bond film, No Time To Die though it was impossible to get anyone there to admit it to be the case.

They did try dissuading me from taking photos on the street… but I know my rights 🙂 and if it wasn’t James Bond then no-one had anything to worry about. The fact that it was the new James Bond film became rather obvious when Daniel Craig appeared!

I didn’t take a photo of Mr. Craig as it seemed rather rude but he was just a few feet away. Security were keen for me to leave and they weren’t too happy when I took photos of an old Aston Martin with two burly men in side who I presumed to be henchmen in the film. As it turns out, I don’t think they were in the film at all and were likely drivers or other behind the scenes crew.

Fortunately for me, I was meeting my tourists inside the building right next to where they were filming outside and even security laughed when I took a photo or two through the hotel windows!

I didn’t want to post these photos before the film came out and I didn’t expect to be waiting 2 years to post some of them here.

The clip I saw being filmed is when James Bond comes to meet M and a minute section of it is on the trailer above between 53 and 55 seconds but you can see it is the car in my photos.

If you’re coming to London and like James Bond then perhaps you’d like to explore London on my special 007 themed tour. London James Bond Tour – Shaken Not Stirred

About Stephen Liddell

I am a writer and traveller with a penchant for history and getting off the beaten track. With several books to my name including several #1 sellers. I also write environmental, travel and history articles for magazines as well as freelance work. I run my private tours company with one tour stated by the leading travel website as being with the #1 authentic London Experience. Recently I've appeared on BBC Radio and Bloomberg TV and am waiting on the filming of a ghost story on British TV. I run my own private UK tours company (Ye Olde England Tours) with small, private and totally customisable guided tours run by myself!
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  1. If I EVER go to London, I promise you, I will look you up & go on your James Bond tour! Without a doubt!

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