Rebuilding Battersea from the ground up.

A little bit of a different post today as I’m supremely busy as will become clear in the coming days!

Last week I was in the unusual situation of visiting Battersea and the neighbouring Nine Elms neighbourhood. It isn’t very high in the tourist route and there aren’t many hotels there either.

All of this is about to change though with the creation of London’s newest neighbourhood, though largely a rebranding and also the most humongous building programme imaginable. It is often said that their is more construction in London than the whole of Europe combined. If that is the case then there must surely be more construction in Battersea Nine Elms than many countries.

You can see some scale in the map below with half the District demolished and perhaps a little unkindly, much of the other half looking like it will be… or should be. Or at least it is easy to see what areas are likely to be next razed to the ground.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 14.14.22.png

Battersea has traditionally been a very working class and in parts deprived neighbourhood. However London is forever booming and regenerating and reinventing itself and post WW2 decline is being wiped away in a truly incredible fashion.

The new embassy of the United States

The new embassy of the United States

The engine behind all this is the remodelling of the long derelict Battersea Coal Powerstation into the centrepiece for a huge area of luxury residential housing, surely following the tried and trusted British style of of reusing everything and giving it new purpose. Would anywhere else keep an old power station and turn it into an iconic housing area?

The photo above is just of a very small area of a much bigger project and which includes a new extension to the London Underground.

The Northern Line Extrnsion

The Northern Line Extension

Some remnants of old Battersea remain such as the beautiful old park and in the southwest some grand old housing. Also the famous Battersea Dogs and Cats home which has long since cared and rehoused stray pets and animals in London.

What was once an unfashionable though very central part of London is now seeing some serious gentrification.

Or would you pay over 3 million pounds / 5 million dollars for a little terrace house which in a rundown part of Liverpool might cost just £5,000.

It doesn’t really matter what you or I think is good value for money and I’m sure the next time I visit Battersea it will be fascinating to discover a ‘new’ part of London with yet more breathtaking architecture and that unique fusion between old and new.

Below is a map of some of the current construction projects in Battersea and Nine Elma.

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