Every Game of Thrones Infographic You Could Ever Need

With Game of Thrones just around the corner for many and hopefully my year long belief that Jon Snow is not permanently dead about to be proven right, I thought that I would do a special post full of entertaining and informative infographics for all fans of this epic tale.  I hope you enjoy it and though I am sure Jon Snow comes back to life, I don’t want to know how so no spoiler type comments please!


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 07.39.34

GoT Deaths – Courtesy of The Daily Telegraph


The map below is a richly detailed medieval-style map of the events and locations in Game of Thrones.


A medieval style map of Westeros

I can’t be the only one who finds it difficult to keep track of who is who, especially when there is a year between viewings.  I have at least one friend who can watch it without remembering anyone but the main two or three characters.  That must be exciting and confusing!


The graphic below shows where in the world people are the biggest fans of Game of Thrones.  I’d have thought it would have been the USA but apparently it is here in the U.K. Maybe as it all feels like our history anyway.   My favourites are Khaleesi, Tyrion and Jon Snow though really like I like everyone whether they are good, evil or somewhere in between.  There aren’t so many obviously evil people around after the events of last year.  Poor Charles Dance, he was fab in his role as was that snivelling little git Joffrey.  If anyone had anything coming to them, then it was him.


Where people love Game of Thrones and who do they like best


As you can see from the map below, The Wall plays a pivotal role in Game of Thrones and it’s inspired by Hadrians Wall which was built in Roman times across northern England towards its narrowest point to keep the Scots, I mean Wildlings out. You can seem some of my photos of it in my blog from last year. Somehow I survived my posting to The Wall.


A political map of Westerns

Life expectancy isn’t great in Westeros, roughly equal to the worst parts of Afghanistan in 2012.  There doesn’t seem to be a guaranteed way to survive as minor and unimportant characters tend to die in battle or be massacred whilst more important people get in the way of the politics and have to be eliminated.



If Westerns ever makes it to the 21st century then they might have a train system like this


Sexy times in Game of Thrones



Hmmm how come I’ve been to all the sites in Croatia, Malta and Morocco but none of the British locations! I need to get over to Ulster.

Rather oddly, I have been to all the distant filming locations of Game of Thrones, not for Game of Thrones but because I like visiting interesting places.  You can see some of my Croatia blogs here which has countless GoT locations.   I remember we visited Malta just a few weeks before watching Game of Thrones and we were a bit taken aback to find out where we had enjoyed an ice-cream a few days earlier had seen Sean Bean captured in a deadly sword battle.


As someone who watches Game of Thrones 11 months late as I wait for BluRay, much of my life is spent avoiding idle chatter but I’ve been ok so far.  Honestly, between Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, social media cab be a nightmare!


OMG! Are they really dead?


The real-life 7 kingdoms of old England


The chart below touches on just some of the real-life events and places that have inspired Game of Thrones so far.  As the saying goes, all the best legends and stories have a basis in fact and Game of Thrones is in many ways a mix-up of British history with a smattering of European and Near-East influences too.  You can read more about this on my blog post from last year… Game of Thrones – The Facts behind the fiction  The history is very mixed up though with different elements from hundreds of years apart.



The lands of Game of Thrones




If you want to know how Game of Thrones finishes, you can miss out all the books and TV shows and see who gets to sit on The Iron Throne when it is all done and dusted.   I’m just not sure George R.R. Martin knows it yet.  I’m sure there is room for Khaleesi too, that’s the sort of King I would be!


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