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London as you’ve never seen it before… at Christmas with the voice of an Angel.

I wasn’t going to blog again, especially so as I have been out on a tour this morning.  It was my inaugrial Sacred, Secret Gardens of London tour today and I was showing round a lovely PhD student studying medicine. … Continue reading

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The lost and hidden rivers of London

It’s easy to see London as one big mega city with just one river, what Londoners fondly call old Father Thames. When the tide of the river rises and falls it is almost as if you can see the city itself … Continue reading

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Hardknott Pass & Hardknott Fort – Perhaps the most remote Roman outpost in the Empire.

Following my climb up Skiddaw on the first day of my holiday, I fancied something a little bit more sedate, though at times no less hair-raising. After visiting Castlerigg Stonecircle and in keeping with my both laid back approach and fiercely testing idea of … Continue reading

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Has the birthplace​ of King Arthur been discovered?

In all the names of mythical and semi-mythical beings in history, there are few if any that rank more highly than that of King Arthur and his legendary knights of the Round Table.  Quite why people get so worked up … Continue reading

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Visualising the spread of cities throughout time

As I’m really busy with my tours this week and don’t have a great deal of time to do a lot of writing, instead I found neat little video that I found that conveys a fascinating subject.  The creation and … Continue reading

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Roman treasures found under the streets of London

Oldest ever manuscripts discovered 20 feet under London streets Continue reading

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April 23rd is Saint George’s Day – The Patron Saint of England & dragon slayer extraordinaire

Wednesday is April 23rd and St. George’s Day which is remembered annually on the day of his death.  Whilst his famous dragon slaying exploits are the stuff of legend, Saint George himself was born in the Roman-Palestine town of Lydda … Continue reading

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