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Bumping into John Keats at St. Guy’s Hospital

Sometimes when I am out and about in London I find that for a few days or even weeks my paths cross with that of a famous or historical figure on numerous and sometimes unexpected occasions and recently I have … Continue reading

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A piss-poor history of urine

I’m going to try not to use the P word too much in this post, as tempting as it is as that would be taking the Pee but urine has actually had a long history of practical uses especially in … Continue reading

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Mary Seacole – The Greatest Black Briton

Many of us are familiar with the accounts of Florence Nightingale, the British nurse who worked tirelessly and in the most trying of circumstances during The Crimea War and who in many ways pushed forward and pioneered modern day healthcare … Continue reading

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Aphantasia – To have a blind mind’s eye

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming?  If I ask you to imagine a beach, a mountain or a three-legged lizard juggling bananas, can you do it?   Most of us can to varying degrees.  Some of us can picture it … Continue reading

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Edward Jenner – The greatest man you might never have heard of

This morning I received my free Flu vaccination and a time when nearly all of us are fortunate enough to receive vaccinations and inoculations for many illnesses from the winter flu upwards it is well worth remembering that there was … Continue reading

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