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Falling victim to storm Eunice

So far in February in the U.K. we have been bombarded with a seemingly never ending series of fierce storms. Before Global Warming, February was once the coldest and snowiest month of the year here but in recent years snow … Continue reading

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The 30th Anniversary of The Great Storm of 1987

Anyone who lived through The Great Storm of 1987 isn’t likely to forget it in a hurry. It was almost a generation-defining moment the night when ships ran aground, London endured its first blackout since the Blitz, 18 people died … Continue reading

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The Drowned Village of Dunwich

There are several places around Britain that are said could be the location of the mythical Atlantis.  Last year I wrote about Doggerland in the North Sea, another possible location are the Isle of Scilly which in recorded history were … Continue reading

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Walking through a graveyard of giants

I try to go for a walk every day, it adds a bit of routine which is necessary when writing at home in the winter nearly every day.  Sometimes I go along the canal, other times through parks and across … Continue reading

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