London VE Day Photos from 8th May 1945

Today is VE Day and I wasn’t going to post anything in particular but a quick search came across countless incredible photos and so I thought, why not!

VE Day is a public holiday in several European countries such as France though incredibly not in the UK as though the 8th May 1945 saw the end of war in Europe, the fighting continued in the Pacific and the war wasn’t going to be over until it was over.

Happy VE Day everyone!  Enjoy your freedom and remember those whose lives made it possible.

PM Sir Winston Churchill giving one of his many V gestures to the assembled crowds.

PM Sir Winston Churchill giving one of his many V gestures to the assembled crowds.


A Street Part in Albert Street, East London


Too young ladies celebrating amongst their ruined home


Most men were overseas but there were plenty of women in uniform ready to celebrate


London goes into party mode 1945 style


The King, Queen and Prime Minister on the balcony of Buckingham Palace


Up to no good?


One of the famous photos of Churchill celebrating along with his youngest daughter


Lest We Forget



A rare colour photo of a London VE day street party


Before the days of Health and Safety


I’ve seen crowds at Picadilly but nothing like this!


Congregating at Whitehall, near The Cenotaph

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4 Responses to London VE Day Photos from 8th May 1945

  1. Graham says:

    Interesting…I was just wondering a couple of things looking at those photos…are they celebrating because war is over or because they “won” do you think? Also, do you think street parties would still be so well attended some 70 years on if history were to repeat? I’m not sure the same sense of community still exists any more.

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    • I think they are mostly celebrating because the war is over. I’m sure it was much better to win than not but after all the hardships and deaths I would just be relieved it was over. I feel sorry for those children as they would spend most of their lives in a country recovering from war. I’m not sure either, when William and Kate got married we invited 6 houses (12 people) round and no-one came.

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      • Graham says:

        Sorry but I just laughed at the last sentence there…perhaps because I think that almost typifies what I’d expect. It’s quite sad. I used to live on a new housing estate in the UK and the only people I would say who engendered a spirit of community were those in the affordable housing…what does that tell you?


  2. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog.

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