Manchester Remembered Around The World

As the world remembers the atrocity in Manchester this week, I’d like to thank everyone for their emails to me in the last few days from around the world.  In the same spirit, here are some photos of just a few of the buildings lit up around the world in the beautiful Union Flag.

I’m really sorry and sad about all the deaths by the murderer in Manchester.  I refuse to call him a terrorist as I am not terrified. I don’t hate anyone any more than I did 24 hours ago so he failed on that count too.

What I do recognise is the amazing way the community of Manchester has come together and how unified everyone in the land is. It’s given another opportunity for us all to show the best side of humanity and what makes our culture and society so superior in every way to that of the supposed ideology of these perpetrators who are ‘Zabad’ (scum) in any language.

If they had any idea of history (which they don’t as they don’t even know their own religion) then they’d realise that there is no country that has faced down violence, threats and oppression more than ours.  If people like Hitler and Napoleon failed, a few crazies have less than no chance.

For an old blog post that touches on how Manchester recovered after its last major terrorist incident which was from the IRA then do click here.


The Burj Khalifa - The Tallest building in the world

The Burj Khalifa – The Tallest building in the world


Tel Aviv: Municipality

Tel Aviv: Municipality Building


Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate



The Orlando Eye

The Orlando Eye





Amsterdam Central Station



Zaghreb Fountain

Zagreb Fountain

And finally my favourite of all those lit and unlit buildings in Britain.



The Penshaw Monument, near Sunderland.


About Stephen Liddell

I am a writer and traveller with a penchant for history and getting off the beaten track. With several books to my name including several #1 sellers. I also write environmental, travel and history articles for magazines as well as freelance work. I run my private tours company with one tour stated by the leading travel website as being with the #1 authentic London Experience. Recently I've appeared on BBC Radio and Bloomberg TV and am waiting on the filming of a ghost story on British TV. I run my own private UK tours company (Ye Olde England Tours) with small, private and totally customisable guided tours run by myself!
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6 Responses to Manchester Remembered Around The World

  1. smhusain1 says:

    I regret the loss of lives in the latest incident towards promoting fear among Britain’s population. It also prompts a question, is it necessary for Great Britain to be in the Middle East. We are all aware of the countries liquidated or in that process. This has amounted to untold suffering and loss of lives from unborn babies to adults and the infirm. You have also seen the heart rendering scenes depicted on the news channels as people flee that area, Those lives lost since 1991 were equally precious. A terrorist bomber must be brainwashed or too far out to delve on the consequences. Britain is a sober and mature society whose people have voice to alter events. The Middle East has not come to Britain but you are there with your guns. I would ask you to ponder on all this.

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    • Thank-you for your very well thought out and reasons points which I must add, I very much agree with. If it is any consolation, around 1 million people took part in the Stop The War / Not In My Name marches in London in 2003 and I believe these went a long way to reducing the willingness to take part in active combat in the Middle-Eastern arena at least which perhaps can be seen in Syria where it took several years before British forces took action and then mostly from the air or suspected limited missions by the SAS and other similar groups.

      I do agree that there must be much more reticence in Middle-Eastern wars. I do think it is a little bit of a no-win scenario in that when intervention is made, the actual goal may be achieved but is often a hollow victory and at terrible costs to civilians and infrastructure. However when no intervention is made then the United States in particular and Britain secondarily face calls to do something by the oppressed or those in danger of harm from their own ruler such as in Syria. Libya seems to have covered both these points at least in the Western world in that for weeks people were being massacred, then came the intervention that toppled the Libyan leader but then a combination of insufficient resources and the fact that Libya is historically an amalgamation of two territories led to things going horribly wrong.

      I do think it is awful though that people such as this man came to Britain or to much more neutral nations such as Sweden as refugees to escape persecution at home when other Arab states wouldn’t take them, only for them to treat their host nations so badly.

      I agree about the value of each life being equal and if it were up to me, resolution of the unjust occupations of peoples like the Palestinians and Kurds would be right at the top of my to-do list.

      Thanks again for your comments, I always enjoy reading them.


  2. Graham says:

    Hi Stephen. While I suppose it is like those who know Kevin Bacon, I know someone through family who was at the concert but was thankfully not injured (physically at least) at only 13 years old.

    The thing I find interesting is that I really don’t know what these people are fighting for. I cannot recall the western media ever telling us. Despite the targeting of civilians of any age, I might be able to respect them just a little if I knew this and what they hope to achieve. Have I just missed the announcement? Or are the western media not telling us? I take news with a pinch of salt but do we really now how bad it is in the Middle East and has our involvement directly caused these attacks? So many questions…

    Despite the BBC reputation for balanced news, I genuinely feel we only ever get the westernised side of the story which concerns me…and I do feel at times that terrorists want publicity and attention…so what happens…newspapers, TV, internet, social media…you name it, we give it to them…I wonder if we wouldn’t be better adopting a more measured response somehow.

    Just a few thoughts, be interested in your views. Don’t get me wrong, I am appalled, but just wish I had more information at times.

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    • Hi Graham, many thanks for your great and lengthy comments. I agree, there is no stated aim at all and without it, it is just a succession of losers killing themselves and a small number of innocents either on a one-off or steady stream basis. Nothing has changed after the 3 recent attacks. Doing my tours in London this week and everyone is just as before.

      At least with the IRA or Hamas or whoever, they have a clear goal which is in someway understandable and even ‘just’ though not necessarily by killing people. To go to a foreign country that is kind enough to make a home for you and then deliberately try to destroy the country in some way makes no sense. There are dozens and dozens of Islamic countries to live in, most of them much less densely populated, with cultures much more sympathetic to their way of life. If our culture is so offensive, go live elsewhere. I wouldn’t move to Saudi Arabia or Morocco and then try and blow people up because I was upset that it wasn’t a Christian country. I’d go live where I am comfortable.

      I almost wrote a blog about the measured response. I actually think it should be given no more air time or publicity than any other fatality. It is a sad fact of modern life that one might be killed by terrorists. They should treat it just like a car crash or building collapse, street crime or fire/flooding. A few minutes sympathy for the victims and that’s it.

      I don’t think there is anything to panic about, the chance of being hurt is astronomically small. If I get killed tomorrow doing a tour in London, I don’t want extra security or cameras or hours of news footage. I just say “f” them but I’m not scared.

      I remember during the IRA years, they killed many more people and were generally much more competent too but a killing would often be just a mid-news bulletin story for a few minutes.

      I think the BBC gives a relatively neutral viewpoint compared to American and general European news providers but it does fall into the same trap of being western focused… just as Asian and African news groups also focus more on their point of view.

      From my experience and many years of study, for better or worse, it basically comes down to Saudi Arabia funding and inspiring a particular brand of Islam which has and is spreading across North Africa and Europe. But also to the continued Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands that continue to give a justification and sense of grievance to Arab Muslims in particular. There really is no reason why it can’t be solved except for continued strong American support of Israel. If Britain can get over Germany twice in 30 years and a peace be imposed, there is no reason it can’t be done there.

      Also I strongly believe that Iran is a generally ‘ok’ country but because it is strong enough and has enough conviction to be independent, it is repeatedly punished. This is backed up by the fact that Saudi Arabia and Israel both hate Iran and both are big American allies. In a logical way though, there is no reason for the Western world to think this way. Have a look at the short video on this tweet 🙂

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  3. uapsnu says:

    On that dreadful day, Manchester city became Manchester united.

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