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New Year’s Resolutions For Absolutely Everyone

I’ve written before about how I’m not much of a fan or believer in New Year, well except for the change in date which is about the only part I do believe in.  I’ve also never thought January is a very … Continue reading

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A Trip To Norfolk, A Pilgrimage To Walsingham

Not many people have heard of Walsingham in the U.K. and even less people know of it overseas and yet around 900 years ago it would have been one of the most famous pilgrimage points in the known world.   … Continue reading

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A pilgrimage to Walsingham and north Norfolk churches

Yesterday began in a little bit of a strange way. As I always do, I laid my clothes out the previous night so that when I awoke early, I could dress in the dark without anyone waking up. This time … Continue reading

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