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The full text of The Magna Carta

The Ancient Greeks were amongst the first to enjoy very limited freedoms and some found themselves to live without a master.    Their great rivals the Persians similarly had equal rights for men and women and all races were free … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Parliament

On Thursday evening I was kindly invited on a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament by my local MP, Richard Harrington.  Before I write-up a post about the tour itself I thought this would give a great opportunity to … Continue reading

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Clouds loom over the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web

You might not know it but the modern internet is 25 years old today!  It started life as an idea in a paper written by a young computer scientist named Tim Berners-Lee in a rather obscure laboratory in Europe known … Continue reading

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The signing of The Magna Carta 798 years ago today.

This weekend marks the 798th anniversary of the ‘signing’ of The Magna Carta or Great Charter.  It is known world-wide as being the founding of modern principles of democracy and individual rights and freedoms while curtailing the power of the … Continue reading

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