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Standing in the footsteps of Walt Disney

In some quarters it is almost sacrilgeous to say so but I’ve never watched a classic Walt Disney animated film. When other children were doing so, I was much more interested in live action and often rather bloody history and … Continue reading

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The Statue of King Alfred The Great that isn’t all it might appear.

Every where you go in London, it is hard to move without bumping into statues and the politics behind who is worthy of a statue, where it should be and how high a status it has in comparison to other … Continue reading

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The Legend of Mary Overie

Everyone knows of that famous old miser Ebenezer Scrooge in the the literature of Charles Dickens but right in the heart of one the most Dickensian feeling part of Central London there is a story that predates Ebenezer by 1,000 … Continue reading

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The life and death of Doorkins Magnificat who put the Cat into Southwark Cathedral

The week between Christmas and New years is a strange one in the U.K. so many American and other tourists arrive and forget that they are in a foreign country and that having no national holidays since the summer, we … Continue reading

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You shall not pass! (on London Bridge)

Many people will have seen the terrorist attack on and around London Bridge last week with the remarkable image of him being overpowered by a man armed with an antique Narwhal Tusk, a fire extinguisher and a pair of fists.  … Continue reading

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A video of the re-opened Borough Market

Borough Market has long been one of my favourite parts of London and so aside from the more obvious issues following the recent attack there and the adjoining London Bridge, I have been waiting to get back inside both for … Continue reading

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Cross Bones Graveyard – A resting place for the ‘Single women’ of London

Today whilst conducting a private Charles Dickens Walking Tour with a colleague, I took a little detour through the back streets of Borough and Southwark to visit two very special and unique places. This area of London lies just south of … Continue reading

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