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Coronavirus Diary 11 – Self-isolating with Soya…. Ugh!

Yesterday was a day of unexpected pleasures; namely a food delivery by a friend.  My kitchen is now loaded with enough root vegetables to last a week or two and I also have a chicken, some sausages, 5 gluten free … Continue reading

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A brief history of Milkmen

If you’re anything like me then if you cast your mind back to around 7am or so then up until the late 1980’s you’d likely be very familiar with the jingle of milk bottles and the heavy clunk as they … Continue reading

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Oh no! I’ve been diagnosed as being Gluten, Dairy and Wheat intolerant.

Firstly I like to think myself as a very tolerant person.  I never get angry or argue, I don’t think I have ever hit anyone even at school.  As long as people leave me alone then I don’t really care … Continue reading

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