Rishi Sunak is a liar and a boring one at that.

It’s hard to believe but I am approaching my 10th month without any pay or government support during the Coronavirus epidemic.   The government of course continue to lie and the country largely doesn’t care at all even though I personally know of 7 people in the #ExcludedUK group who have committed suicide in recent days.

Yesterday Chancellor ‘Fishy’ Rishi Sunak made the bizarre step whilst under pressure on a news interview of stating he had speaking with us at ExcludedUK despite the fact he never has and indeed has repeatedly turned down requests to do so from hundreds of thousands of us and indeed countless times in Parliament when asked to do so my MPs.


I’m never quite sure how wealthy Rishi who then married into a family of billionaires can related to ordinary people. It’s useful that he has a big nose I guess as it’s hard to notice any different when it gets longer whenever he talks… or lies…. same thing really.

So I’ve made a Freedom of Information Request to see all the information about his meetings with us.  I must say, I don’t remember attending any of them even though I regularly offer to meet him and other cowardly liars such as Steve Barclay and Nadhim Zahawi.  For some reason they don’t want to meet me or anyone else from our group on television.  You’d think they would leap at the chance to show us all up but of course they won’t because if they did meet up it would expose their lies to the world.

Anyway I can see why sometimes accountants have this boring image.  I know it isn’t true of everyone but if the chief accountant in the U.K. can only make up lies about us then he hasn’t much of an imagination.  His day certainly sounded more boring than my day.

I had such an amazing day yesterday.  Don’t ever have breakfast with Lee Mack!  He made me laugh so much I snorted porridge out of my nostrils as opposed to some MPS who have snorted other stuff up their nostrils.

Then my old friend Sir Ian McKellan asked me round to his pub and we had a lock-in. He is a right handful when he gets drunk I can tell you.  I’m not sure he should even be doing that stuff with his Gandalf hat.

In the afternoon I went for a bike ride with Daniel Craig in Hyde Park. I asked about whether he could assassinate someone for me.  He looked intrigued but when I mentioned Rishi  and he started such a string of profanities that he lost control of his bike and cycled into the Serpentine. The last words I made out is that Rishi Sunak is a piece of stinking…. and then it went quiet.

Fortunately I was close to the Palace so I just about had time to for tea and scones at Kensington with William and Kate.  It was hard to concentrate as every time I mentioned Boris, little Prince George starting giggling about him being Mr Poo-Poo face.  William and Kate said he wasn’t meant to say that infant of visitors but we all laughed about it in the end.

And now here I am the morning after. You might think I am bleary eyed because I’m Excluded and can’t afford to get my bedroom window fixed so I can actually close it but let met say you’d be totally wrong. What a night with Beyonce!  I can’t say much more, it’s almost like it never happened.

Wow Rishi Sunak is a bad liar!

Only one thing in the preceding paragraphs is true, can you guess which?  It’s not Beyonce.

About Stephen Liddell

I am a writer and traveller with a penchant for history and getting off the beaten track. With several books to my name including several #1 sellers. I also write environmental, travel and history articles for magazines as well as freelance work. I run my private tours company with one tour stated by the leading travel website as being with the #1 authentic London Experience. Recently I've appeared on BBC Radio and Bloomberg TV and am waiting on the filming of a ghost story on British TV. I run my own private UK tours company (Ye Olde England Tours) with small, private and totally customisable guided tours run by myself!
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10 Responses to Rishi Sunak is a liar and a boring one at that.

  1. I’m so disgusted by these lies by Rishi and co. Hope everyone reads your posts Stefano and learns the truth! Xo

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    • I know. Obviously 3 million people can’t all be telling the same lie for no good reason. I’m sure everyone would have much better things to do with their time than spend a year protesting and going on the news. And if Universal Credit or whatever was enough to live on then why offer everyone else 80% of their earnings. The country could save a fortune by giving no-one the money. it’s so sad, several times a week I end up speaking with people who want to end their lives as it is all so hopeless. I’ve even tweeted him this post, if I am wrong or being unfair to him no doubt I would all ready have the police or secret services removing it but obviously it’s true. I’ve asked several of them to come on TV or meet me in Parliament Square and prove me wrong and show me up live how amazing their support is and how ‘no-one will be left behind’ but of course none of them do so as they are liars and cowards and would be shown to be.

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    • And of course not everyone is even entitled to the measly £70 or so Universal Credit… I know I am not.


  2. Contractions of Fate says:

    Oh, dear, is WordPress playing up again?

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    • I have no idea what happened to the formatting on my post. I’ve laid it out three times! Obviously MI5 are on the case!


      • Contractions of Fate says:


        Actually, I was referring to my post getting swallowed. I cleared browsing history and cookies, so had to re-log in to every site I ever visited in my life, and Worpress swallowed my post. So I made a shorter one and that went through. The one above seems to have worked because I mis-typed my e-mail address and it thinks I am a diferent person! MI5 may be trying to stop signs of support being shown!

        But your blog layout looks fine from my end!


  3. Contractions of Fate says:

    “Chancellor ‘Fishy’ Rishi Sunak”

    “It’s useful that he has a big nose I guess as it’s hard to notice any different when it gets longer whenever he talks”


    Such an entertaining post! Shame the underlying message is so dismal. I’d have thought that the Tories, of all parties, would support small businesses and independent Sole Traders.

    I hope your campaign succeeds, I really do. and please publish the results of your FoI request.

    You had me with your celebrity day out! Until you got to William and Kate! I think the true paragraph is “Rishi Sunak is a bad liar”.

    All the Best and Good Luck.

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  4. Francis says:

    Did you place your support for the current government in last December’s election? Ok, the opposition leader wasn’t much cop then unlike the present incumbent but after this Dec 31st that’s when the real hardship will begin…not just for you who is clearly going through regrettably hard times but for those of us born British, married to someone with parents from an EU country and resident (and working) in Italy. Whoever thought that be-leaving would work will soon find out… I’m afraid. Meanwhile I’m lucky to be living in a country that is receiving some of the highest covid relief subsidies of any EU member (unlike the no longer member UK) and soon have the pleasure of receiving a new passport from a country that doesn’t believe in throwing one of its inhabitants’ citizenships away. Poor United Kingdom that was….Already some friends from Northern Ireland have received a passport from another country (Eire) that does not believe in trashing its inhabitants of their citizenship rights gained almost fifty years ago.


    • I certainly did vote for the only party who advocated Brexit and as I suspected, it may well be the only thing they do that I am happy with. I must also say, I have never met or talked with an ExcludedUK person who has anything good to say about Sir Keir. In fact he didn’t even speak up for us until around the 2nd week of November and is almost universally despised amongst our numbers. 9 months is far too late and from what I can tell, he won’t benefit from any anti Boris or Rishi votes from our community. It’s hard I think to equate suffering but I do find it hard to imagine that individuals and families going without any pay or government support for what will be a year is much more severe than the inconvenience the average person might have for Brexit. I’m pretty certain that a life time of visas or international driving licences doesn’t quite ad up to me being deprived of around 99.6% of my annual income. I think my experience if anything has just proved I was right for myself at least. I felt overlooked and ignored by society (as did millions of others) and the arguments put forth are on a whole different level than mine then or indeed mine now. The triviality of complaining because they can’t eat out or go on holiday compared to me sitting in a 14 degree home at this moment eating food bank food with a leaking roof and broken car shows I am on to something. I don’t think an EU subsidy or lack of it is the difference in paying me a penny of government support, it’s a matter of deliberate discrimination and as a doctor told me, persecution. Everything else is First World problem type of stuff to me though I appreciate everyones problems seem important to the people involved. I don’t think on the 1st of January the average person will be dealing with these sorts of issues and to think my life will be made worse when I’m dependent on strangers for food, clothing and everything else is hard for me to swallow but then I never claimed to be in the middle-classes who feared their lives were going to change.

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