Christmas Carols at St Paul’s Cathedral & my new favourite hymn ‘Oh Holy Night’

Before we get to the reason I started this post, I thought you might like to see a few photos of when I went to Christmas Carols at St Paul’s Cathedral.

We had to queue for over 2 hours to get in but it was all more than worthwhile.

6pm on Sunday 23rd December 2018

We got seats just 6 or 7 rows from the front which meant that amongst other things I could spend 2 hours sat under this beautiful Dome.

As you can see, St Paul’s is a beautiful building especially at Christmas when over 3,500 visit each of the many Christmas services, It is said that St Paul’s has one of the three top choirs along with Westminster Abbey and Kings College in Cambridge.

I’ve been listening to a lot of hymns this year and I have a new firm favourite.  If anyone has a few minutes to spare they might like to watch/listen to it too.

Adolphe Adam who in 1847 France wrote 'Oh Holy Night'

Adolphe Adam who in 1847 France wrote ‘Oh Holy Night’

Though not a new hymn by any means, Oh Holy Night was written in France in 1847, it has recently won hymn of the year in Britain several years in a row including 2018.

Here is a wonderful rendition from the BBC Carols from King’s (college, Cambridge).

Merry Christmas.




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6 Responses to Christmas Carols at St Paul’s Cathedral & my new favourite hymn ‘Oh Holy Night’

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  2. Francis says:

    Stephen. First merry Christmas. Second I completely agree with you o holy night is tops! For me evensong in st Paul’s is one of the great London experiences. You are lucky with the’s difficult to take them there. I’ve experienced all the three great choirs you mention and they are as great treasures in the UK as the crown jewels. I cannot wait to return to London to attend evensong. It is truly awesomely spiritual. Apart from your sad journey to your mum I hope you had a joyous Christmas and wish you every good thing possible for the new year.

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    • Merry Christmas Francis. I’m glad you agree with my choice. It is strange how carols jostle for position every year with clear favourites even though many in the top ten are centuries old. I guess something in the lyrics or the singing just resonates more some years than others. Yes, those photos are prized. I did ask permission and was told only after the service and even then I wasn’t allowed to take my final photo from right back by the entrance door… I think as they were trying to hurry us out. I got a lovely photo of myself standing near the altar with the candles and lights on though. I agree with you, the carols and the choirs are a real treasure. It was a truly magical experience hear the choir, sing with 3,500 other people in candlelight in such majestic surroundings and made me think of all the people over the last 1500 years who must have done the very same in this almost timeless service. Merry Christmas to you both.


  3. Boyer Writes says:

    Stephen, I agree with you totally. This song is magnificent and certainly is one of my favorites also. I have blogged this entire Christmas season a countdown of music each day until Christmas. Now Christmas is over, but the message of hope is still to be taken with us into the New Year. I think I will have to share this video with my readers for hopes of a more peaceful world…through God’s grace. Thank you so much for sharing it. Blessings, Nancy at Boyer Writes

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    • Merry Christmas Nancy, I say that as I’m a firm believer of Christmas being much more than a day. Though I had obviously heard of O Holy Night in years gone by, what really first attracted me to it is the fact it was the sound track to one of the Christmas cards you sent me a few years ago. I will check out your blog. Christmas is a very busy period for tour guides as well as those who work in the Church so I am a little behind with my reading. I hope your readers enjoy it too and wish you and your husbands all the compliments of this special season, Stephen


  4. padresteve says:

    I have been to St Paul’s a number of times, the last time back in 2005. There is a monument to a distant ancestor in the north transept, Major General Sir Thomas Dundas.


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