Who will Negan kill in The Walking Dead Finale?

It’s hard to be on the edge of a very comfortable sofa when watching television but for many of us, there have been two issues haunting us over the last year.  The first being whether Jon Snow stays dead in Game of Thrones…. I did say right at the moment he died that despite the regularity of permanent deaths in GoT, that Mr Snow was definitely going to return, it just seemed obvious to me.  However, we won’t find that out for a few more weeks.

The Zombie apocalypse

Yes that’s true.

More recently however, has been the menacing shadow of Negan on the Walking Dead.  We haven’t met or seen Negan since 2015, he has been there.  The Walking Dead is based on a comic series and I haven’t read that but for a long-running show which has had many, many wonderfully horrid characters, the name of Negan has always been one to fear.

Every year people die in The Walking Dead, every year main characters die with a regularity only to be matched in Westeros.  Everyone has a favourite character that they have all ready lost, at least two years on and I still can’t believe that poor Beth got killed let alone lovable old Hershel from about 4 years ago.

Though The walking Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world and the Walkers are always a deadly threat, lurking in one’s or two’s in locked up cars or behind a tree or more threateningly in their tens of thousands in other places, the real threat to our gang is that of other human survivors.

With the absence of law and order, civilisation has fallen apart.  You can improve the odds slightly by being brave, well-armed, clever, sneaky, cheating or even lucky but one needs to have all these aspects and be surrounded by like-minded people at all times to survive.  But with resources running low and everyone having their own way of doing things and morals to live by then conflicts will occur.

Having secured the fortified town of Alexandria, Rick’s group finally has a relatively safe place to call home (forgetting the attack by the W people and the separate massive Walker incursion) but they need food.  Having found people who can help them with food, they have had more and more close shaves with those who proclaim “We are all Negan”.

Darryl turned the table on Negan

Darryl turned the table on our first meeting with Negan’s crew.


In fact at the last season-ender we would already lost a chunk of our group if Darryl hadn’t blown away about 15 people with that last RPG.  It also seems that over this season in particular, our group is turning… well a little bit evil and even murdering admittedly murderers whilst asleep in their bed.

Though many secondary and tertiary people were killed by the Walkers incursion, no-one we really care about has yet died this year. We just know though that someone or maybe some people that we love are not going to make it past this final show of the season.

So who could it be?  Who will Negan and his barbed wire covered baseball bat named Lucille take-out in what is promised to be on of the most dramatic character entrances of all time.

Megan and Lucille

Megan and Lucille

Rick – The hero, it just can’t be him can it?   He went through a rough year or two earlier on but he has re-discovered his humanity whilst upping his already dynamic and forthright style of leadership and being fundamental to the whole idea of hitting Negan before Negan hits him but he just doesn’t know who or what he is dealing with.

Carl – Rick’s son lost the sight in his eye in the last big attack.  He already lost his mother and his baby sister relies on him.  However previous suffering is in no way a safe-guard to not dying or suffering further in the future.

Michonne – Michonne transformed the show when she appeared.  A strong black female character who kills Walkers and humans alike masterfully with her swords and who memorably appear with two Walkers who she kept chained like dogs.   However, Michonne it has recently been revealed that Rick and Michonne are now an item.  The law of good drama means that she is now at risk of death.

Carol – Carol is such a complex character and so wonderfully portrayed.  She is a kind motherly soul and yet having lost her daughter is possibly the most cold-blooded and logical survivor of the group.  Having suffered some sort of breakdown and re-discovered her faith, Carol has wandered off on her own.  I can’t believe Carol could be killed but she is ripe for the picking.

Who will Negan kill?

Who will Negan kill?

Glenn – Glenn has matured wonderfully as a character and for a year or two, almost became the natural leader of the group.  He has already been presumably killed once this year when out on a provisions run, his luck ran out and his friend committed suicide and he fell under hundreds of Walkers (and also a truck and the aforementioned dead friend).  Glenn is still very likeable and he obviously hated having to kill some of Negans people in cold-blood.

Abraham – In a way he is my favourite to be killed.  Something about the character has always aggravated me.  More worryingly for him, he has now had a change in his personal life which means he may as well be walking around with a t-shirt with ‘Bite Me’ emblazoned on it.

Eugene – A walking computer with numerous personality oddities who saved his skin by lying about being the secret to solve the whole Walker virus.  He has recently managed to overcome his innate cowardice but hasn’t yet got the experience to survive in battle.

Maggie – Oh poor Maggie.  I like Maggie, she has had quite a run on this show.  She is a good character, a good fighter and a good human.  Soon however, she might be a good mother.  Last week it already looked like she may be having a miscarriage, possibly due to Negans people hitting her stomach the previous week.   What could make for a better entrance for Negan than killing Maggie and her baby?

Rosita / Sasha / Father Gabriel – these are all possible victims but from a writers point of view, I’m not sure their death would be epic enough.  None of them are a Rick or Maggie or  Carol.  Father Gabriel in particular, deserves to die for several heinous crimes but he isn’t currently the focus of the story.

Darryl, seconds before getting shot.

Darryl, seconds before getting shot.

Darryl – There aren’t many people like the character of Darryl.  He could so easily have turned out like his crazy brother Merle, in fact that is how he started.  Darryl is cool, he is brave though headstrong.  He is 99% as equal to Rick as possible and the actor apparently take his crossbow home with him every night to keep in character.  Killing Darryl would be the Jon Snow moment but unlike GoT Darryl can’t come back to life.  However things aren’t looking good for Darryl, firstly he wasted Negan’s motorcycle crew (even if it was to save his friends lives).  He also seems to have a really lucky but annoyingly survivable member of Negan’s group on his back.  Worst still, at the end of the last episode it appears that Darryl was captured and then shot.

So who do you think will die?  Who I want to die and who I think will die are two different things.  Also who the writers think the audience will accept to be killed is another.  My money is something along the lines of Glenn being killed, leaving Maggie and possibly her baby to carry on.  It would have a huge emotional impact on the group and on us viewers.  It also makes sense in the way that he already cheated death and he no longer has a unique character, especially now Jesus has appeared.

Killing Glenn isn’t enough though so I’m think one or more or Abraham, Sasha, Rosita, Eugene or Father Gabriel.

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5 Responses to Who will Negan kill in The Walking Dead Finale?

  1. sarij says:

    I am not looking forward to the season/series finale. I am afraid it will be Glenn but my hope is that Abraham goes. As a character Abraham hasn’t developed and adds nothing to the group dynamic. Since it’s Negan doing the killing we know it has to be a major character; this will ensure the audience hates him. Just thinking about him murdering a beloved character makes me hate him already.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with your about Abraham. He is a very generic, butch action hero and not developed enough to be interesting in comparison to the other characters. I’m not looking forward to it either and I know I will spend all summer thinking “how could ____” be killed like that.

      Liked by 1 person

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