Good reasons to visit Barnard Castle! But maybe not now Dominic Cummings

Over the weekend all hell has blown up in the Westminster media bubble due to the ‘loathed’ Dominic Cummings chief advisor to Boris Johnson seeking a hideout in County Durham, 260 miles away from London.

To me, I don’t really see what the big deal is and it is curious that those accusing someone of breaking rules in the past, clearly break rules in the present.


People complaining that they thought we were in it together or its one rule for some and another for the other for example aren’t exactly rushing to give me any money as they enjoy being either paid for doing very little at home or receiving very generous government payments.

I just don’t get why people get so angry even if someone does something they don’t like or approve of.  I’ve obeyed the rules but I’m not angry about those who don’t, even the idiots I see through the windows in my house.

Also I’m not one for fake apologies.  It’s such a pathetic thing to do to apologise just to keep your job or because you believe in something that others don’t.   If he doesn’t apologise for his actions maybe he just isn’t sorry, that’s totally ok.   In fact there is nothing worse than an apology that isn’t genuine, we’ve all heard people apologise and then we ourselves have added that they are only sorry because they got caught.

I do think it is a bit of a media witch-hunt, lots of the claims seem to have no basis, lots of them do   It’s like I wrote about recently of people not being able to cope with a different point of view.  It’s as my mother used to say about how people turn out when their parents never told them ‘no’.   They seem to under the misconception that they matter in some way and that they are always right and we know where that led to in recent years.

I read several times that it was a big deal he went to hide-away in a beauty spot.  If the journalists had ever left London they would know there is barely anywhere in County Durham,Northumberland, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Wales, Scotland that isn’t beautiful.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 09.26.57

Durham City is home to the most beautiful Cathedral which I think is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world  and picturesque streets and has an imposing castle.  It’s also surrounded by the most beautiful countryside and higher up the moors.

I thought I’d post some links to posts I have written about the ancient market town of Barnard Castle which many may not have seen as they are spread over several years.

The Buttermarket of Barnard Castle 

Barnard Castle and the Silver Swan at The Bowes Museum

Barnard Castle

The dramatic ruins of Barnard Castle in beautiful County Durham

The beautiful, magical Silver Swan Automaton at The Bowes Museum

The Silver Swan

The magical Silver Swan at Bowes Museum

It’s obvious that if nothing else, Dominic Cummings had read My Zombie Safe House – Where would you go at the end of the world?  which my residence of choice being very close by!

I’d encourage everyone in London and elsewhere to spend their next holiday in County Durham, just maybe not this minute!


Me, recently on a murky moor away from the virus and zombies





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5 Responses to Good reasons to visit Barnard Castle! But maybe not now Dominic Cummings

  1. Ankur Mithal says:

    Ruins of a castle in a beautiful countryside. Mouth watering combination.

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  2. Francis says:

    If Cummings gets his comeuppance and is sacked perhaps Castle Barnard tourist office should offer him a job!

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